Third Grading Lessons

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3rd Grading MAPEH

      As it implies, the page has the data regarding the topics and lessons of a junior high in his third grading period.


              To students of world music here in the United States, Indonesian music generally means gamelan music, especially those various related types found on the two neighboring islands of Java and Bali. Partly because of the availability of this type of Indonesian music, and partly because of the sustained interest by Western-trained ethnomusicologists, Javanese and Balinese orchestral gamelan traditions have been heard and studied by Americans over the past half century as much as have other related high art musical traditions of Asia, such as China, Japan, and India. Therefore, since there exists an abundance of available materials (recordings, books, and ensembles--there are more than 200 Indonesian gamelan groups -- e.g., Gamelan Sekar Jaya -- in the United States today), the gamelan music of Java and Bali will form the focus of this chapter. For the especially intrepid student of world music, it is possible, with considerable research, to hear and read about music from other islands of the archipelago, particularly the large islands of Borneo, Sulawesi, and Sumatra.More on Data Writings...


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